The Team

Ashley Christman | The Alchemist of Words and Numbers

Class: Alchemist

Special Abilities: Fueled by Coffee and Red Bull; Esoteric Information Collector

With a background in healthcare and quality, Ashley seemed an unlikely partner for a game developer. But her passion for games makes it a perfect match. When not creating games, she can be found playing them (with a preference for simulator type games) with her husband, reading a prolific amount of books, or running after a toddler with incredible speed (the toddler, not her). Not one to be idle, she is a founding board member for Sprite Tech Labs, a community organization whose aim is to encourage the next generation of game developers with a STEAM-based curriculum; and also serves as part of the board for Sac Dev Collectives. She is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at SacTown Interactive.



Jonathon Kaufman | Wizard of Game Design

Class: Mage

Special Abilities: Morning Person (no coffee needed); Extreme Patience

Jonathon grew up a typical gamer kid, who turned his passion into a career. He is a graduate of the Art Institute of California-Sacramento and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Game Art & Design. When not working on new games, Jonathon is a co-founder and instructor for Sprite Tech Labs, a community organization which seeks to encourage kids to explore their interests in game development and STEAM. He is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at SacTown Interactive.

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