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What We Do

At SacTown Interactive we harness the power of games and combine it with human behavior to create customized apps and web-based programs that accelerate learning, maximize retention, increase engagement and productivity, and take people to the next level to create sustainable change.

Why Gamification and Serious Games?

Study after study has proven that Gamification and Serious Games increase performance in teams by tapping into our natural play instincts to leverage our need for both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators; and impact our social, cognitive, and emotional needs. What's the difference? Gamification blends game mechanics, such as leader boards and badges, to incentivize learning and habit building. Serious Games utilize a more traditional game environment, such as simulators or story-driven activities, and aligns them with learning objectives in a way that is engaging, fun and interactive. Application of these techniques were found to increase learning and retention by 34% (Sitzmann, 2011) over traditional learning models.

Want To Learn How To Apply Gamification and Serious Games?

We'd love to talk with you more about gamification and serious games and how they can be applied for your business (we're nerds like that).


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